Ivo Nikkolo Store in Rocca Al Mare Tallinn
City, Country: Tallinn, Estonia
Completion date: 22.112.23

Project Overview

At ROUG Interiors, we take pride in announcing our recent collaboration with Baltika Group for the Ivo Nikkolo brand in Rocca Al Mare Shopping Mall, Tallinn. This project highlights our expertise in creating bespoke retail environments that beautifully reflect a brand’s essence and ethos.

What We Delivered

  • Diverse Materials: Utilizing a variety of materials such as wood, metal, glass, and acrylic, we crafted pieces that were both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.
  • Custom Upholstery: Our tailored upholstery work added a layer of sophistication, mirroring the beautiful appeal of the Ivo Nikkolo brand.
  • Expert Installation: We ensured a seamless installation process, placing every element perfectly to capture the envisioned design.

Key Products Manufactured

  • Custom Cash Desk: A focal point in the store, designed to be both stylish and efficient for transactions.
  • Clothes Hangers: Custom-made hangers that complemented the overall aesthetic of the store and enhanced product display.
  • Wall Units: Functional and elegant wall units designed for optimal product showcasing and storage.
  • Other Custom Elements: A variety of other bespoke pieces, each contributing to the unique and cohesive look of the store.
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