Uldis Ūsītis
Head of the company

A pragmatic strategist and creative optimist. Great advisor to the team and the clients.

Jānis Annens
Project leader

Jānis has a unique ability to combine speed with accuracy, which means that all projects entrusted to him are put into production and delivered to the client on time.

Jānis Vuguls
Project coordinator

Janis is a dedicated project manager who specializes in overseeing complex projects from conception to completion.

Māris Āriņš
Quality Maintenance Manager

Maris is a proficient Quality Maintenance Manager, whose proactive approach to problem prevention plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations. His expertise in early detection and elimination of potential issues guarantees that the quality of outputs remains uncompromised, fostering a consistent production line where problems are averted, not merely discovered.