Uldis Usitis
Head of the company

A pragmatic strategist and creative optimist. Where others see a problem, Uldis sees an opportunity. Great advisor to the team and the clients.

Janis Annens
Project manager

Responsible for cost estimates and project management.

Jānis has a unique ability to combine speed with accuracy, which means that all projects entrusted to him are put into production and delivered to the client on time. Stevie Wonder’s hit “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” is his motto.

Edgars Kisuro
Sales Manager

Speaks Latvian, English, Russian and also German.

Pays attention to the smallest details in the project, to ensure the best result possible for client.

Ivars Kaulins
Project manager

Ivars is responsible for project calculations and project management.

Ivars has many years of experience working with artificial stone and natural stone surfaces, which helps him to see the most complex project details that are successfully put into use in the project management from A to Z.

Annija Usite
Marketing manager

Manages social media platforms with extensive language skills in Latvian, English, Spanish, Russian and Japanese. Annija is very objective and persistent in terms of customers by building excellent and fast communication.