furniture delivery and assembly

Quality is at the heart of everything we do, which is why we place a strong emphasis on thorough quality control before any furniture leaves our facility. Our team of quality assurance experts conducts rigorous checks and inspections on every piece we manufacture. This ensures that not only does the furniture meet our exacting standards, but it also aligns with your expectations in terms of design, quality, and functionality.

Once the quality control process is completed and the furniture passes all our rigorous checks, we coordinate a delivery schedule that fits your timeline. Our professional delivery team ensures the safe transport of your furniture, taking utmost care to prevent any damage during transit.

Upon delivery, our skilled assembly team takes over, expertly assembling the furniture in your space according to the detailed shop drawings. They ensure each piece is properly installed, aligning with the overall design aesthetic and functional needs of the space.

CEWOOD stand at the building industry exhibition “Māja I”

We had the pleasure of constructing a large-sized building special for CEWOOD stand at the “Māja I” Exhibition. The design was created by studio H2E and in the making of the building we used special CEWOOD sound-insulation material, to let visitors experience the effective insulation in person.

Ivo Nikkolo Store in Rocca Al Mare Tallinn

Project Overview At ROUG Interiors, we take pride in announcing our recent collaboration with Baltika Group for the Ivo Nikkolo brand in Rocca Al Mare Shopping Mall, Tallinn. This project highlights our expertise in creating bespoke retail environments that beautifully reflect a brand’s essence and ethos. What We Delivered Diverse Materials: Utilizing a variety of … Continued

Lauma Lingerie fashion store in Akropole Alfa Riga!

Lauma Lingerie at Akropole Alfa, Riga We’re proud to showcase our latest creation for Lauma Lingerie in Riga! At ROUG Interiors, we’ve crafted a stunning store featuring elegant wood and metal fixtures, luxurious wall curtains, ambient LED lighting, and a striking glass facade. Experience the blend of sophistication and modern design at Akropole Alfa!

Coffee Barista Robot for Company Virsi

Roug Interiors is honored to have contributed to the production and assembly of design elements for the first Coffee Barista Robot in the Baltics. We extend our best wishes to Virsi and look forward to seeing even more of their ground breaking business innovations in the future. Design H2E Virši investē 150 000 eiro baristas … Continued

University in Norway

In this esteemed project for the University in Norway, we’ve meticulously combined wood, metal, upholstery, and a selection of fine materials, highlighting our dedication to traditional craftsmanship and design. We invite you to witness a classic embodiment of academic grandeur paired with timeless aesthetic elegance  

Rehabilitation centre in Latvia

Roug Interiors skillfully crafted a bespoke interior for a rehabilitation centre in Latvia, seamlessly integrating therapeutic functionality with modern design.

Rehabilitation centre in Zurich

Roug Interiors designed and executed a tailored interior for a rehabilitation centre in Zurich, merging therapeutic needs with aesthetic sophistication.  

Costa Toscana Cruise ship Turku Shipyard

ROUG Interiors crafted a variety of custom-made tables for the Costa Toscana cruise ship, blending functionality with elegant design to elevate the onboard experience.

Burberry store in Netherlands

Roug Interiors proudly presents its premier project with Burberry in the Netherlands – an epitome of high-end craftsmanship. Using solid oak and specially treated oak veneer, we created an interior that reflects Burberry’s luxurious ethos, demonstrating our commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail.

de Woldemer Museum in Valmiera

Roug Interior has had the privilege of executing a splendid interior design for the Valmiera city museum “de Woldemer”, an exquisite project led and managed by the dynamic design company H2E. Exposition “de Woldemer” opened on the territory of Valmiera Castle – Valmiera region ( This accomplishment was possible because of the exceptional team at … Continued