Custom Healthcare Furniture for Medical Spaces

Custom Interior Solutions and Healthcare Furniture for Medical Establishments

ROUG Interiors takes pride in being one of the top healthcare furniture manufacturers offering customized solutions for medical and rehabilitation centers, and pharmacies.

Our team’s design experience coupled with the seasoned professionalism and craftsmanship of our network of 200+ cooperation partners offer you unmatched levels of quality in producing:

  • Hospital furniture and clinic furniture, such as antibacterial material tables
  • Rehabilitation medical furniture, such as massage tables
  • Pharmacy furniture, such as pharmacy displays and customer counters

By now, we have delivered a variety of custom healthcare furniture projects in Switzerland, Scandinavia, Baltics and other countries worldwide.

Exceptional Healthcare Furniture for Highly Specialized Spaces

With more than 12 years of experience, we are dedicated to crafting specialized interiors and medical furniture from a range of materials including:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Acrylic, and more

Our design pieces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also innovative and meticulously constructed to meet the highest standards in medicine.

Crafted for Success: Custom Interior Solutions

We are committed to providing superior services – from idea visualization to healthcare furniture production and installation to quality warranty – ensuring that our interior becomes a cornerstone in what makes your business successful.

Review our portfolio to see some examples of how ROUG Interiors as a medical furniture manufacturer can offer you solutions perfectly aligned with the unique requirements of your medical, rehabilitation, or pharmacy space.

Rehabilitation centre in Latvia

Roug Interiors skillfully crafted a bespoke interior for a rehabilitation centre in Latvia, seamlessly integrating therapeutic functionality with modern design.

Rehabilitation centre in Zurich

Roug Interiors designed and executed a tailored interior for a rehabilitation centre in Zurich, merging therapeutic needs with aesthetic sophistication.  

Project A.R Sports studio

Company “Roug” has finished making high quality furniture for A.R sports studio. Functional and elegant, was the key words for this project – Soft furniture for chill zone, practical key shelves and unique design reception desk, those are only few of the furniture ordered by A. R sports studio. This project was made due to … Continued