Custom-produced Museum Showcases by Roug Interiors

Custom-produced Museum Showcases by Roug Interiors!

Roug Interiors is honored to have been entrusted with creating these custom showcases for the prestigious Museum of Occupation of Latvia.

Unparalleled Clarity with Groglass Artglass – We’ve partnered with renowned glass manufacturer Groglass to bring the finest in display technology. Groglass Artglass is the epitome of clarity and brilliance, designed specifically for preserving and showcasing your valuable art, artifacts, and collections – featuring special anti-reflective and UV-blocking glass.
Designed by Visionary Creators – collaborating with visionary designers from H2E, the combination of Roug Interiors’ expertise and Groglass Artglass technology has resulted in an unmatched fusion of form and function.



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