interior design - pricing- shop drawings

In the spirit of transparency and collaboration, our process incorporates the following steps:

  1. Share your idea with us: Whether you’re armed with a rudimentary sketch or an elaborate technical drawing, we encourage you to relay your concept to us. We deeply respect and value your vision, pledging to work in synergy with you to actualize it.
  2. Technical advice, production options, pricing: Our team of seasoned experts will meticulously analyse your concept, providing you with informed technical counsel and outlining the optimal production alternatives. Further, we ensure financial transparency by furnishing you with a detailed quotation. This not only allows you to understand the cost implications but also reinforces our commitment to a clear, open relationship.
  3. Our interior consulting services hinge on our ability to foster a collaborative environment. Our experts work hand-in-hand with you, delving into your vision, requirements, and constraints. We navigate you through the intricate process of design, offering data-driven recommendations in alignment with the latest trends and industry best practices. This ensures the final design is a perfect synthesis of your aspirations and practical needs.
  4. To reinforce the precision of our designs, we develop detailed shop drawings. These comprehensive visuals are instrumental in providing a vivid depiction of the design blueprint, detailing materials, dimensions, and installation methods. This meticulousness allows for the seamless transition of our concepts into reality and minimizes potential onsite issues.
Lauma Lingerie fashion store in Akropole Alfa Riga!

Lauma Lingerie at Akropole Alfa, Riga We’re proud to showcase our latest creation for Lauma Lingerie in Riga! At ROUG Interiors, we’ve crafted a stunning store featuring elegant wood and metal fixtures, luxurious wall curtains, ambient LED lighting, and a striking glass facade. Experience the blend of sophistication and modern design at Akropole Alfa!

Coffee Barista Robot for Company Virsi

Roug Interiors is honored to have contributed to the production and assembly of design elements for the first Coffee Barista Robot in the Baltics. We extend our best wishes to Virsi and look forward to seeing even more of their ground breaking business innovations in the future. Design H2E Virši investē 150 000 eiro baristas … Continued

University in Norway

In this esteemed project for the University in Norway, we’ve meticulously combined wood, metal, upholstery, and a selection of fine materials, highlighting our dedication to traditional craftsmanship and design. We invite you to witness a classic embodiment of academic grandeur paired with timeless aesthetic elegance  

Rehabilitation centre in Latvia

Roug Interiors skillfully crafted a bespoke interior for a rehabilitation centre in Latvia, seamlessly integrating therapeutic functionality with modern design.

Rehabilitation centre in Zurich

Roug Interiors designed and executed a tailored interior for a rehabilitation centre in Zurich, merging therapeutic needs with aesthetic sophistication.  

Costa Toscana Cruise ship Turku Shipyard

ROUG Interiors crafted a variety of custom-made tables for the Costa Toscana cruise ship, blending functionality with elegant design to elevate the onboard experience.

Burberry store in Netherlands

Roug Interiors proudly presents its premier project with Burberry in the Netherlands – an epitome of high-end craftsmanship. Using solid oak and specially treated oak veneer, we created an interior that reflects Burberry’s luxurious ethos, demonstrating our commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail.

de Woldemer Museum in Valmiera

Roug Interior has had the privilege of executing a splendid interior design for the Valmiera city museum “de Woldemer”, an exquisite project led and managed by the dynamic design company H2E. Exposition “de Woldemer” opened on the territory of Valmiera Castle – Valmiera region ( This accomplishment was possible because of the exceptional team at … Continued

Pop-up fashion store in Jurmala

In just 11 working days, Roug Interiors brings to life a stunning Ivo Nikkolo pop-up store in Jurmala! From concept to reality, our team worked tirelessly to create an unforgettable shopping experience. Impeccable design, efficient execution, and unwavering attention to detail ensured the space was a perfect reflection of the brand. Ready to transform your … Continued

Bar counter and coffee area for office in Norway

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and relaxation in your open office space with our Scandinavian-inspired bar and café area, meticulously crafted by ROUG Interiors